This is 30... almost


This weekend I celebrated the last few days left in my 20s. I am not sad to see this time in my life go, but I do appreciate how formative these years have been. I was married in my 20s. I served in AmeriCorps in my 20s. I moved from Flint to Madison to DC all in my 20s. I have come to appreciate my life as a tapestry.

Yes, I know that I am still quite young. But I have been through many phases already. I have reconnected in the last month with friends who knew me from AmeriCorps in Michigan and from group fitness classes in Madison. I continue to be friends with people from previous jobs and internships. If my network is already this diverse and strong before 30, I can't imagine what life has in store for me in this new decade. 

To celebrate this new phase in life I spent time capturing shapes that represent my most recent form: Simone the yoga teacher. They also captured a bit of Simone the dog lady. I am taking on this new phase of life with a heart full of gratitude for what has passed and looking forward to what is to come.