Happy 2019!

I have never been one for making New Year’s resolutions. It seems silly to me. But I will take some time to look back at 2018, what I have learned, how I will move forward, and share those thoughts.


In 2018 I moved into a new decade: my 30s. I recently described this time in a woman’s life as when her facial products transition from a focus on acne to a focus on wrinkles. I will admit that I have started using a night cream and an eye cream to prevent my skin from creasing. But as I start to see those little lines around my eyes, I know that they represent a life being lived. I have laughed at a lot of things. I have cried over a lot of things. And my face is a reflection of those emotions being fully felt. I also really see my mother in my reflection. I guess it is true, we all turn into our mothers some day. And it is Nanette’s smile I see shining out in every photo I take.

Most of my teaching jokes have stayed the same. I still make the same joke about not needing a chair in chair pose because you have strong legs. I still joke about American lizards being on the look out for snacks in lizard pose as a reminder to keep looking forward. But I have started working new poses and themes into the mix. Baby grasshopper was a new arm balance for me and my classes. I have started teaching half lotus variations where I would not have dared to before. And I have become much more comfortable talking about the ethical teachings of Yoga and not just the poses.

I started this blog and this website! I have engaged in the business side of Yoga a little more. This might seem like a weird milestone to share but I will explain why it matters. For a while, I didn’t think it was possible to make my living as a teacher and as a studio manager. I thought that I was just playing for a while until I figured out what my next move would be. But this year, I had to admit that my passion is in my teaching. I was challenged by this job in ways that I would never have predicted and I grew into a new kind of GM. I feel more confident in my role and more confident that this is truly a career. Isn’t it funny that it is hard to admit we are working when we actually like our job?

Along those lines, I have branched out in my teaching. I led my first series for beginner yogis (happening again starting January 26) and I led parts of the 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training. This year I will be leading more workshops and pose “clinics” to help people figure out some poses that challenge us but also help us feel accomplished. I also hope to work more one-on-one with folks who are new to the practice. There are still so many opportunities that I haven’t even begun to explore.

In 2019, I am not resolved to do anything in particular. I am more or less just along for the ride. I hope to keep learning and sharing what I learn along the way.