Things I Love, A Valentine's Day Post

I love going for long walks with my best bud.

I love going for long walks with my best bud.

Ok, I love my husband. I love my dog. I love my chinchilla. Those are all obvious things that I can say I love. I love my family and I love my Yoga family. But I wanted to share some of the things you might not expect that I love. You might know these things about me. You might not. Hopefully, it is fun to read my hot takes on the following items.


I love nachos with a passion as fiery as the queso that tops them. Nachos are my go-to comfort food. They have just enough veggies as toppings for me to defend their nutritional value. And they also have cheese. Truly, is there a more perfect food? If you disagree, we might not be on speaking terms any longer.

2- 90s Music

I caught the tail end of the 80s, being born in 88, but I became aware of media in the 90s. This is why the music of the 90s speaks to my soul. The Spice Girls taught me about girl power. Reba McIntyre’s Fancy is my get pumped jam. Like Taylor Swift, when you think Tim McGraw I hope you think of me. The Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind, Toad the Wet Sprocket, the list could keep going and it would draw from many genres. The music of my childhood gets me singing in the grocery store (often dancing too).

3- The National Zoo

The Zoo is hands down my favorite place in DC. I could watch the pandas for hours. I love watching the big cats play just like house cats. Zoo lights is one of the few things in DC that feels Christmas-y to me (and only if there is snow). The Zoo is an all around good time. AND it is free.

4- Spider-Man and Harry Potter

If you have known me since I was kid, this one will not be a surprise to you. I love these two fictitious characters so much. I love the Spider-Man cartoons from my childhood and I love the films with Toby Maguire as Peter Parker. It was too soon to reboot so I will not watch the new movies. The Harry Potter books are modern classics. JK Rowling is an inspiration. There is too much to say that I can’t even begin.

5- Spiral Bound Notebooks

I always have one with me when I teach because that is where my planning happens. They must be spiral bound because I like to be able to fold them over. They generally come from TJ Maxx.

6- Papermate Flair Pens

I think color is one of the greatest reasons for living; so why would I write with just blue or black ink? I also like that it feels a bit like I am writing with markers.

Those are just a few of the things that I love. Happy Valentine’s Day!